Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Glbert Grape- 10 years on.

Hey there.

Well, its been 10 years since my mother passed away, and we burned down ou home. I guess you could say its a life changing thing that happened. Everyone was upset about it for awhile after. We soon started to get used to not having her around anymore. After we burned down the house we moved away from our town, to another town not to far away. Amy got a job as a cook in a restaurant somewhere in town, and Ellen is now in University studying to become a nurse. Arnie, well Arnie is still here, the doctor was off by 30 years now. He's still with me, and not much has change for him. He hsa gotten alot bigger. Becky and Nanna, they stopped coming to town after they heard we moved away. I havnt seen her since the last time she came, and i havn't forgoten her.

Life is pretty simple now, we have all grown up, expect for Arnie. It is just Amy, me and Arnie left together, but it still feels like it was when our mother was around. "Wheres Arnie?" we still don't know ;-). Thats all that has happened. Maybe one day becky will come back, or ill see her around. I wonder if she will notice me, I don't have the long hair i use to, it's short now, but still red. Still, the same Gilbert I was when she was around. Well, now we're free. The police dont hassel Arnie anymore, and Amy has no pressure at home because its just me and Arnie. Thats all.

Gilbert Grape.